A place in history

Somers Wharf is steeped in the varied and vibrant history of St. George's.The Wharf has commanded a birds-eye view of the Old Town's fascinating maritime past, situated on the picturesque edge of St. George's Harbour. It was along the harbour-front that the Island's first town took shape, after official settlers arrived from England in 1612 to colonise Bermuda. A century of shipbuilding took place in and around this historic neighbourhood throughout the 1700s, when Bermuda's famous sloops were in high demand throughout the world. Until only recently, part of the property was used as a major coaling station for ships plying the Atlantic. The old adjoining Coal Sheds are still in use, but now house artists and businesses. In the Second World War, Allied Forces could be found here after the US built an airport and military base on the other side of the harbour, in nearby St. David's. In modern times, Somers Wharf has played its part in Bermuda's tourism industry, which welcomes visitors from around the world to the island and its unique Old Town.